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Understand.     Renew.     Strengthen.

Seeking help is a scary and vulnerable decision.  This can be compounded by depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, trauma, relationship issues, and/or overwhelming emotion.  By asking for help, you have begun the process of change; to understand, renew, and strengthen.  We believe that therapy (all types) has the power to create insight and understanding.  As you gain insight and understanding, you can be empowered to make a change in your daily life.  This change is rewarding, and will strengthen you and your relationships (past, present, and future).


We take an authentic and wholehearted approach to meeting the needs of our clients, and maintain a professional and competent practice for the client from the initial phone call to the completion of the client’s growth.  We are a small practice, purposefully, so we can meet the needs of all of our clients.  Our private practice has maintained a full caseload for the past seven years; however, we are an open practice and continually take new clients.  We want the potential client to receive help, and if we are unable to provide services (insurance, scheduling, not the right fit) we work to lead you to a colleague in the community.