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About Us

D&A Counseling was established in 2011, while Dr. Bryan Duncan was a staff psychologist at Texas Tech University and Dr. Susan Duncan was a visiting assistant professor in the College of Education at Texas Tech University.  After living in Lubbock, TX for five years, the desire to do more and become part of a smaller community weighed heavy on the Duncan family, and they were lead to Bastrop, TX.  When D&A Counseling moved to Bastrop, Dr. Bryan Duncan became one of the few psychologists in Bastrop County, and the surrounding areas.  The first seven years in Bastrop (2012-2019), Dr. Bryan Duncan grew a full private practice in downtown Bastrop, and Susan and Bryan grew a large presence providing services in the nursing home community.  D&A Counseling contracted with over 20 nursing homes, assisted livings, and memory care facilities to provide counseling to residents.  In 2019, the desire to slow down (partly to spend time with their two teenagers before they leave home) entered both Susan’s and Bryan’s heart.  The main focus for D&A Counseling beginning July 2019 is with  private practice clients, forensic psychology, and providing couples/marital training through the Marriage Knot, a training and intensive workshop created by Dr. Bryan Duncan.


Bryan T. Duncan, PhD

As a licensed psychologist, after 15 years of training and practice, Dr. Bryan Duncan’s main focus is helping others on an interpersonal level to communicate and connect with their feelings and strengthen relationships within his client’s lives.   For the past 15 years, Dr. Duncan has counseled couples, individuals, teens, the elderly, and families. His experience showed him that it is never too late to repair/strengthen a relationship and/or understand and share one’s own feelings.  Dr. Duncan believes we have the ability, with help, to change or improve who and where we currently are, no matter the past.  Dr. Duncan is present in every session to work with you to learn the tools you need to move forward and grow.

Bryan grew up in Richmond, TX, and attended Strake Jesuit before graduating from Texas Tech University with his B.A. in Psychology.  He moved to Norman, OK and completed his masters in community counseling, which was immediately followed by the completion of his PhD in Counseling Psychology at Texas A&M University.  Bryan met Susan while both were graduate students at Texas A&M, was engaged 11 months later, married 5 months after their engagement, and became a father of twins (Isabel & James) 13 months and four days following his wedding day.  Bryan and Susan were married in 2004, were blessed with Isabel and James in 2005, and all four love to travel by car all over the states and be outside; whether it is camping, running, or working on their land.  Dr. Duncan is an eagle scout, and loves being a part of his son’s Boy Scout troop. Dr. Duncan and his family attend Calvary Baptist Church in Bastrop, and teach a Sunday school class for adults.

Executive Director

Susan C. Duncan, M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Susan Duncan began her career with the intention of becoming a counselor.  While she enjoyed working with clients during her masters, she was given the opportunity to teach some undergraduate courses.  This is when she began exploring the idea of working and mentoring a larger group of people at a time – through teaching at the collegiate level.  Through her graduate work at Texas A&M, she fell in love with teaching and statistics.  Dr. Duncan was a visiting assistant professor and then began pursuing independent contracts in research, as well as consulting in statistics and research.  Her main reason for working as an independent contractor was so she could have a more flexible schedule, and stay with her children while they were young.  Dr. Duncan has provided statistics consultation in the medical field, provided RTI (Response to Intervention) training for teachers within the school system housed in youth prisons across Texas, and worked within litigation by providing research and consulting with attorneys in preparation for trial.

The year before D&A Counseling relocated to Bastrop, Susan received her license to counsel, and began her counseling career within nursing homes.  However, as the company grew, Susan became the “everything except counseling clients” part of the company.  Susan’s strengths in writing, working with numbers, research (insurance companies as opposed to statistics variables), and flexible schedule became an asset for D&A Counseling’s success.  Throughout her time as executive director, Susan has enjoyed maintaining the business side of the company.  She is currently reinstating her LPC license (LPC-Intern), and is excited to begin counseling again.  Susan grew up in Midland TX, graduated from Sam Houston State University with a B.S. in Psychology, followed by earning an M.S. in Clinical Psychology.  Dr. Duncan began her doctorate work at Texas A&M in 2000, and graduated with a PhD in Educational Psychology – Research, Measurement, and Statistics.  Susan loves to be with her family, spend time outside together, go running, and spend time with their horses out on their land.  She also enjoys teaching Sunday school with Bryan at Calvary Baptist Church.