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About Us

DA Counseling believes in a holistic approach to all services provided, and believes that mental health is very much influenced by social circumstances, physical health, religious/spiritual health, intellectual stimulation, and emotional care. All of D&A Counseling providers are trained to address these specific areas and meet the client where he/she is when therapy begins.

Within Long Term Care (LTC) services, it is important to know that D&A Counseling practices within a consultation model when working with our clients. This consultation model values the importance of communicating with all affected/included agencies and facilities that we partner through communication and collaboration.

We have three providers currently working with D&A Counseling, who have been with us between 2 and 5 years, and follow the theory and philosophy of our company.

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Bryan T. Duncan, M.Ed.,Ph.D.

Owner/Clinical Director


Susan C. Duncan, M.S., Ph.D.

Owner/Executive Director


Keisha Brown, LCSW-Intern

Cynthia Dean, LPC-Intern

Laura Wolf, LPC-Intern